Location: 46West Wine Country, Paso Robles

Sorry for being a tad MIA of late.  So busy with the hubby’s business, idylle–tradeshows, traveling, business building, and yes, launching a sister company to my photography biz.  Tyler and I welcome Covey Studio. A baby little company that will grow organically along side of our wedding photography.  Each business holding each others hand so-to-speak. Tyler and I are often asked to help out with graphic design, event design, crafting, general DIY stuff, unique furniture creations and the like—SO we figured why not start blogging about the fun little projects we find ourselves working on.  We LOVE to be creative after all. Clothing, pictures, event consulting, interiors, and yes, even building ourselves the occasional piece of furniture.

Covey studio documented project numero uno. Courtney and Drew’s co-ed wedding shower. Off the 46 hwy in, in you guessed it–Wine Country!  and might I add that spring time in Paso Robles is seriously like a little slice of heaven.  Lush velvet green hills, cascading into the ocean only to be interupted by breathtaking twisted oaks and the occasional flowing vineyard.  Many Many thanks go into making this event a success.  Special thanks to Lori Krivascy for opening up her GORGEOUS home and helping set up, tear down, borrow, and being the most gracious of hostesses.  Also thanks to my lovely, sweet friend Hillary Blake for her serious skill helping me craft the many many event details seen in this post.  Hillary you are a blessing!  Special thanks to Stacey Harvard for the BEAUTIFUL, and not to mention delicious tiered cake!  Check her biz out at StaceyCakes http://staceyhavard.blogspot.com/. RamFam: Donna, Dave, Jordan, Suzie, Kyle and Alex..you are the BEST.  Last but not least…to all of Courtney and Drew’s dear friends that drove a long long way to celebrate with them.  You all are what truly made it special. Congrats Drew and Court! only 2 months till the BIG DAY!

For more info on Covey Studio design consulting for your own event: keep tuned into my blog for future info and style shoots!   Merci~


  1. Michelle C says: April 8, 2011 • 20:28:51

    So great girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE the decor. I may have to steal some ideas from ya and put them in my house ;-) And what did you use for the cake stands? so creative!


    • staceyramsey says: April 9, 2011 • 05:18:56

      Hi Michelle! thank you! The cake stands are made of terracotta dishes (the water catchers the pots stand in) glued together with rims facing out. The foot pedastle is made from a small little terracotta pot that you can get from a craft store. Paint makes the “crudded up” texture:)


  2. John Norling says: April 15, 2011 • 16:35:55

    Stacy your creativity is amazing! You didn’t just make it beautiful with stuff that existed, you created new things (terracotta pots for cake stands). Ans of course your pictures are amazing as well. If I had to put out that much creativity I think I would need to spend the next month in bed recovering.


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