A romantic interlude. Rick and Shelby married on August 6th, 2010. Also…my Birthday. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better way to spend my day. First & foremost, credit goes to my friend & mentor– John Norling. His photography is classic & phenomenal…and then to shoot a wedding with him?…fantastic.

Rick and Shelby’s wedding day was magical at the Heritage Museum in Santa Ana. The couple was absolutely GORGEOUS, and so in-love.  The atmosphere was a beautiful array of oranges and apple greens.  As bubbles drifted up into a classic orange county sunset at the recessional…I knew this wedding would never be forgotten.  Cheers to Rick and Shelby!





  1. John Caruthers says: September 12, 2010 • 17:44:19

    Great pickachuroors! Nice site. -D


  2. sandra caruthers says: September 12, 2010 • 18:09:59

    super great blog and awesome pictures!


  3. Courtney says: September 12, 2010 • 20:24:27

    Stace the blog looks amazing and your 1st wedding photos are gorgeous!! Love you!


  4. aaron says: September 13, 2010 • 04:36:57

    wow very nice shots! love the bride getting ready ones!


  5. Karra says: September 14, 2010 • 17:02:18

    Absolutely beautiful!!! You captured their love so well!!


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